Lin Chiling Taiwan Year's 100 Sexy Female ~Chiling Again Winner

Taiwan Year's 100 Sexy Female Lin Chiling Again Winner

Taiwan version FHM Men's magazine announces the list tonight of "Year's 100 Sexy Female", Lin Chiling again takes the crown, Jolin Tsai took 2nd place, lately a hot spokesperson Sonia Sui ranks 4th, super model Ruru Lin ranks 5th, because of the sex scandal pictures, Cecilia Cheung is off the list, and "Ah Gil" Gillian Chung is ranked at 86.

Sonia Sui 隋棠 , Ruru Lin 林葦茹

"FHM Men's Group Magazine" 100 sexy female voting function is held in over 30 different countries, grouped for World's Beauty Vote and Local Beauty Vote, each person is allowed to choose the most 10 "Sexy Female", this year Taiwan region's voting is competitive, with over 50,000 public over the internet, magazine ballots, mobile and other ways to vote for their most sexy female.

2008 Hundred Sexy Female voting function, Tang Wei who became a famous starring in "Lust, Caution" was only ranked 75; lately popular with commercial invitiations for spokeperson, Akemi was voted 36, and S.H.E Selina's popularity is high, ranked at 19, super model Leah Dizon entered the list for the first time to rank 15th.

Tang Wei, Selina Ren, Leah Dizon 莉亞迪桑

Other than that, "Personality Beauty Female" Anan Hsu 許安安 finally in the votes she was ranked 20th, she happily said: "I've finally grown up!"

Anan Hsu 許安安

FHM Men's Group Internationl Chinese Version Director and Chief Editor Mr. Corradovon von Planta says, during the voting function, many interesting things happened. Because there were so many votes on the internet, the main computer system nearly crashed, and the many magazine ballots were also almost injurying the postmen that delivered the heavy posts.

Mr. Corrado von Planta points out, in the past years the winner had outstanding personality traits, this function has then helped her go another level higher in her career, increasing visibility, and to earn even more hearts of fans.

This year's FHM Men's Group Taiwan version "Year's 100 Sexy Female" top 10 includes: Chiling Lin, Jolin Tsai, Megan Fox, Sonia Sui, Ruru Lin, Patty Hou, Bianca Bai, Jessica Alba, Ada Pan 潘慧如, Kelly Huang (小嫻). From 11th to 20th: Tian Xin, Dee Hsu, Yuni Li 李妍瑾, Lun-mei Guey, Leah, Angelina Jolie, Amy Sun 孫芸芸, Janel 蔡淑臻, Selina Ren, Anan Hsu.

Source: YAM
Translated by Cmiley