Korean babe Jewelry's Seo In Young says no to nude pictures

Korean babe Jewelry's Seo In Young says no to nude pictures

Jewelry member Seo In Young guested in the OBS show “The Interview” where she said that she would not go nude even if she were paid a high amount of money.

She said, “I won’t do nude pictures even if I were offered 100 billion won. I only want the person who I love to see me nude.”

“I don’t want others to see me like that and I’ll only show my body to the man who I’ll marry. It doesn’t feel right to show my body just for a huge amount of money,” Seo In Young continued saying, who confessed that she was offered to go nude before but refused to do it.

“I was also asked by people if I’d accept the offer for 100 billion won but I’m absolutely not taking the offer.”

During the interview, Seo In Young was also asked if it were true that a breast exposure happened during the first episode of the MBC show “We’re Married.” Seo In Young was quick to answer and said that there was no breast exposure but the tops she was wearing at that time were indeed revealing. She said that there has been a lot of issues recently and it worries her but she is just concentrating on working hard.

Meanwhile, the interview of Seo In Young and the rest of Jewelry will be aired on the 26th.