Asian Sexy Kyoko Fukada teaches social dance in NTV drama

Kyoko Fukada teaches social dance in NTV drama

Kyoko Fukada has been given another starring role in a drama series. Like last season's "Mirai Koushi Meguru," she will play an English teacher, but this time the setting will be an esteemed private all-girls high school. No title has been announced yet for the series.

The drama will use an original script written by Kazuhiko Yukawa, whose credits include other school dramas such as "GTO," "Majo no Jouken," and "Joou no Kyoushitsu." Fukada plays Mai Aida, a woman in her third year as a teacher. Due to declining enrollment, the school decides to admit its first male students.

Those five freshmen initially feel they're in paradise, but the concerned Mai tries to help them adjust by creating a social dance club and inviting five girls. Those ten students become the focus of the drama, which is described as a story of love and adolescence.

Tue, June 3, 2008 (1:13am EDT)

Shosuke Tanihara co-stars as the school's principal. NTV will start broadcasting the series on July 15 in its Tuesday 10:00pm time slot.



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