Maureen Larrazabal hot and sexy filipina

maureen & raine larrazabal - cover girls of maximMaxim's November 2007 issue features Maureen Larrazabal and Raine Larrazabal -- a sexy pinay celeb and a hot new comer in Philippines showbiz.

A little bit late but the pics are worth taking a second look, The photoshoot are really classy and maureen Larrazabal and her sis Raine really took Philippines by storm when the sales of this Maxim Magazine went out 4 months ago went above the roof!

Maureen, for me (and I’m sure some will agree), is one of the hottest babes out there.

Here she is with a video of her FHM cover shoot for the June 2007 issue of said mag.

Maureen has this to say when asked if there’s anyone who makes her feel sexy; ”Oh yes. I am with someone now and he makes me feel really, really sexy. We’ve been together for almost four years now. Whoa!”

And now the video (warning: may be NSFW)
Yes, you see it right at the top, Maureen and Raine talks about sister-relationship and their kind of guy. The famous sexy babe of Bubble Gang, Maureen Larrazabal set rules over her sister Raine. On the other hand, Raine--a finalist at the recent Mossimo Bikini Summit and the Philippines' Next top Model, at least as much as she can not to break the rules.

Here's the sizzling Maxim pictures of Pinay celebs: "Maureen Larrazabal and Raine Larrazabal"

maureen & raine larrazabal pinay celeb: maureen larrazabal maxim cover girls - maureen & raine larrazabal celeb pinay: raine larrazabal

Maureen Larrazabal hot and sexy filipina

For the fans of Maureen Larrazabal, she will be on the cover of November 2007 issue of Maxim Philippines along with her equally sexy and beautiful sister Raine. Checkout Maxim.com.ph for more details

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